USA v. City of Portland

Click above to read a 2012 plea deal between the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division and City of Portland, Oregon. It went into effect in 2014, and was inspired by a model we proposed.

See Consult Hardesty’s Civilian Compliance & Reform Authority, here,

A Department of Justice Investigation into Portland police released Findings of patterns and practices of constitutional violations … on 12 Sep 2012. On 26 October the DOJ and the City of Portland released a draft settlement agreement and announced that it would be presented to Portland City Council just five days later. On 1 November, massive mobilization produced scores of individuals willing to testify on the document.

At that meeting Council released a revised proposed Agreement, and allowed 120 seconds of testimony on a document the public had not yet seen.

In December 2013, Federal Judge Michael Simon released the signed version of the Agreement.

Click HERE to read an analysis of deficiencies to the proposed Agreement, as advanced by the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform.

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